Fitness & Exercise

Read below to know the benefits of exercising and how can you achieve weight loss with it.

Fitness & Exercise

The benefits of exercise encompass far beyond managing your weight. Research shows that consistent physical activity can help decrease the possibilities for numerous diseases and health conditions and enhance the overall quality of life.

Regular exercise can advantageously safeguard from the following health issues:

Non-Insulin- Dependent Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart Disease and Stroke


Back Pain

Exercising regularly can also uplift mood and help to improve stress management. Daily physical activity can help prevent stroke and heart disease by lowering your blood pressure strengthening your heart muscle. It can help raise your good cholesterol levels (HDL), lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL), increase your heart’s working capacity, and improve blood flow. Steady exercise can diminish blood pressure in those with high blood pressure. Regular physical activity also decreases body fat, which is interrelated with high blood pressure.

By reducing body fat, exercise can help to preclude and regulate diabetes. Consistent physical activity helps to lessen body fat by building or preserving muscle mass and improving the body’s ability to use calories.


Although obesity is a major risk factor for many diseases, controlling weight and preventing obesity can occur when proper nutrition is combined with physical activity. Increasing muscle strength, endurance, improving flexibility, enhancing posture, and steady physical activity help prevent back pain. Regular weight-bearing exercise is beneficial when promoting bone formation, and regular physical activity may also prevent bone loss associated with aging. Regular physical activity can improve your mood and increase your self-esteem. Researchers have also found that exercise is likely to reduce depression and anxiety and help you manage stress better.


Many Americans suffer from diseases that can be prohibited or improved through regular physical activity. Experts recommend 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity three or more times a week. Muscle-strengthening exercises and stretching at least twice a week are recommended for the greatest overall health benefits. Conversely, if an individual cannot perform at this level of activity. In that case, a substantial gain of health benefits by accumulating 30 minutes or more of medium-intensity physical activity a day, at least five times a week, is recommended.


If an individual has been inactive with regular physical activity, beginning with less vigorous activities such as walking or swimming at a comfortable pace may be more feasible. Starting slowly will allow the individual to develop physically adequately without straining the body. Once the individual is in better shape, the individual can gradually continue to more strenuous activity.

Exercise and physical activity is excellent approach to uplift mood, gain health benefits and have fun. Here at the Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles, we can get you started on a new exercise program, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while, have chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis, or have any concerns.

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