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Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles, Medical Weight Loss Program, Weight Loss Doctor

Our comprehensive medical weight loss clinic located in Beverly Hills utilizes the most advanced diagnostic equipment and the most efficient and successful methods to help you lose weight, and live a healthier life. Some of the medical weight loss services we offer include: medical workup to rule out imbalances in hormones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as other reasons for difficulty losing weight and keeping the weight off. Some services we offer as part of our weight loss program are fat burning dietary supplements, appetite suppressants, injections to boost metabolism, intravenous vitamins, bio-identical hormone replacement, personalized diet menus, exercise and fitness regimens and personalized diet menus.

Medical Weight Loss Doctor Beverly Hills

Our Bariatric Doctors and Beverly Hills Medical Weight Loss Doctors are trained to identify underlying medical conditions that are associated with and or attributing to obesity and difficulty losing weight. Comprehensive laboratory workups and diagnostic tests are performed to identify specific issues so we can figure out the specified weight loss treatment plan for you. Our Weight Loss Physicians will review contributing illnesses, prescription medication, hormone levels, metabolism, underlying psychology in your assessment and plan. Our weight loss center provides ongoing support and counseling in addition to fitness recommendations, nutritional balance and if necessary, prescription medication.

At our state of the art office we are equipped with full body composition testing, a comprehensive laboratory to diagnose diabetes, nutritional imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and other factors that play a crucial role in weight loss and fitness. The body composition scan is used to provide accurate measurements in body mass index, fat, resting metabolic rate and muscle composition. Indirect Calorimetry is used as the gold standard to measure resting metabolic rate and to assess exact daily calorie requirements and expenditure.

Weight Loss Programs

We offer a variety of medical weight loss programs that are customized to fit you. Our comprehensive approach to weight loss assures that we identify the different factors contributing to obesity and difficulty losing weight. Conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, hormone deficiencies, thyroid issues, diet, nutrition, sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, and lifestyle are addresses and treated.  We offer weight loss injections, weight loss medications, vitamins, diet plans and supplements to help boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and help you lose the weight for good.

Weight Loss Diet

Our weight loss nutritionist provides personalized diet menus and diet plans specific to your needs and lifestyle. Our nutritionist will first review your medical history, medications, eating habits, weight loss history and in conjunction with our medical team provide you with a diet plan that fits you and your weight loss needs.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Our medical weight loss clinic has helped thousands of people lose their weight and keep their weight off comfortably. Our comprehensive approach allows us to provide you with a variety of weight loss tools to easily lose the weight and keep the weight off. Our office is equipped with multiple diagnostic medical equipment for the testing of cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, GI disorders, bone health, lung health and more. We also provide testing for H.Pylori infection of the stomach, ultrasound testing of various body parts, Vo2 Max fitness testing, comprehensive laboratory testing ,body composition testing, peripheral vascular disease testing, and more.

Weight Loss Doctor

Dr. Nazarian is an integrative health physician who practices in Beverly Hills. He has received multiple awards and recognition in his field of medicine and has successfully helped many people reach their optimal health goals. His training allows him to study and discover underlying reasons for each individuals weight loss issues and treat them accordingly. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

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