Weight loss shouldn’t be a struggle

Weight loss shouldn’t be a struggle, so don’t make it one. Shedding extra pounds is a struggle many faces; let us help you lose weight once and for all.


At Weight Loss Clinic LA, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best treatment plans tailored to their personal weight loss goals with the newest technology available to the market. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to individual struggles associated with losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Located in Beverly Hills, Dr. Nazarian and his team is responsible for assisting patients in the greater Los Angeles area achieve weight loss success. Our dedicated team will help you achieve your weight loss goals through a comprehensive program directed at your goals, personal needs, and expectations through careful treatment plans and attention to detail.

Weight Loss Shouldn’t Be A Struggle
Dr. David Nazarian

Meet Dr. Nazarian

Dr. David Nazarian obtained his Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and Psychology from The University of California, Los Angeles. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Sackler School of Medicine/New York State Program and completed his medical training at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a USC affiliate hospital. Dr. Nazarian is Board Certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine.


He has extensive experience in bariatric medicine, weight loss medicine, fitness, nutrition, hormone replacement, and vitamin replacement therapy.

He has extensive experience in bariatirc medicine, weight loss medicine, fitness, nutrition, hormone replacement, and vitamin replacement therapy.

Our Vision

Our vision is transformative; we believe that social change starts with individual goals transforming you and your body into the masterpiece you have designed. So whether you want to lose a few pounds for summer or have higher goals to improve overall health, Weight Loss Clinic LA can help you achieve your greatest weight loss aspirations.


We believe that true collaboration between doctor and patient can produce results far beyond the imagination. Working together can help begin and transform your goals into reality. As a weight loss clinic, your success is our vision. We want to guide you through our process with ease, allowing you to voice your opinion as we move forward.


The mission at Weight Loss Clinic LA is simple- we help you become fit and give you the tools to keep you fit. Dr. Nazarian and his team are facilitators of your dream, coaching you through the process and giving you the best possible options to achieve personal greatness. We want to provide the best possible medical care available.


Our mission is also to provide you with the strength and courage to continue your weight loss journey outside our clinic. We will provide you with advice, strength, and confidence in order to instill personal value and success into all aspects of your life so you can continue to hold off the weight once you leave our clinic.

Weight loss clinic Los Angeles
Weight loss clinic Los Angeles


Nothing is as important as our commitment to you and your journey. We strive to provide our patients with the best experience possible, reaching the far ends of weight loss and into the deeper, more personal levels of self-confidence, personal pride, and long-lasting goals. We want you to learn how to live freely in a healthy lifestyle you help create. We want to see you gain energy and move faster with meaningful purpose and pride. We want to help you live a long, happy, healthy life full of healthy alternatives. We want to lend professional advice to help you get off any medications that might be slowing down your progress.


Above all else, WE are committed to YOU.

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