Behavior Modification for Weight Loss

Do you have unhealthy eating habits that are contributing to your weight gain? Our behavior modification program can help you out.

The risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses, such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, is increased when an individual is obese. One management strategy that encourages weight loss and reduces the risk of being susceptible to these conditions is Behavior Management. Once the weight is off, behavior modification at our Weight Loss Clinic can deliver support & maintenance for future and current weight management.


Behavior modification can encourage altering the attitude towards losing weight by assisting in identifying the barriers to weight loss. The principle upholding the treatment is that the actions needed to be altered to be understood. Modifying eating and exercise habits is an imperative element of weight loss and weight management behavior modification. Behavior modification is accomplished through patient teaching, counseling, and support groups at your local center for health or community. Self-monitoring tools, such as sustaining a diet and exercise journal, help govern which behaviors should be altered.


While some behavior modification methods are more effective than others, studies recommend that contributors in such programs can keep about 66 percent of unfailing weight loss for a year or longer. The most successful are behavior modification programs that teach our clients to lose weight through self-monitoring. Programs that include grocery lists, meal plans, and higher levels of exercise are predominantly successful in both weight management and weight loss. A strong sense of accountability in behavior modification programs encourages their effectiveness.


Behavior modification programs teach our clients different ways to modify recipes, identify healthy food choices, add fiber to their diet, recognize eating habits, and adapt to healthy eating while in restaurants and social circumstances. At the Weight Loss Clinic, we provide our clients with material on living a healthy, active lifestyle, engaging in regular exercise, and learning the thought process behind managing weight loss.


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