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Nutritional Services

Looking for a Nutritionist near you? Our certified nutritionist sees patients in her Beverly Hills office as well as consults patients over the phone regardless of their location. She is able to review all history and recommend plans to help her patients acheive their goals. Diet is a underlying core aspect of successful or unsuccessful weight loss. In order to achieve the results you want, professional nutritional services act as a fundamental part in the weight loss process. With proper nutritional guidance from Weight Loss Clinic LA’s educated staff we can help transform your body. Depending on the amount of weight you want to lose, our expert staff can cater nutritional services to your specific needs.

There are multiple ways we can help you lose weight with the best weight loss program available for you. One option might be to cut out carbs and ketosis, another option might include a new regimen of vitamins and supplements to your diet (B-12 shots, MIC and B-complex) or maybe we can help you create an entirely new specialized menu specific to your needs. Whatever the solution is, we provide healthy solutions to your weight loss needs.

Some of our services are offer are:
Individual weight loss plans- tell us what you like and dislike. We can work with your medical needs and integrate health requirements into your personal one on one nutritional plan. We can cater a specialized diet plan to your needs.
Weight management techniques- there are so many ways to shed the weight, whether you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, supplements to aid your goals, weight loss pills for women or weight loss pills for men. Our clinic is fully equipped and ready to meet your every need.
Medical weight loss- ask us about our services regarding medical weight loss. We are equipped with state of the art technology to help you shed pounds, fast.
HCG weight loss- Human chorionic gonadotropin is an extremely fast weight loss program using hormones used in daily injections. This method can be extremely effective in shedding the pounds quickly as it reduces hunger in the patient. Ask us about our programs using this method.
Vitamins and supplements- From B12 to MIC we use vitamins and supplements to assist a plan in diet and exercise to help you lose weight, effectively.

We understand that any adjustment in your diet is a big deal and we take it very seriously. Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles provides long term solutions to your weight loss program, continuing to provide guidance and instill confidence to continue to be successful in your goals.

Why our program is one of the best:

Our mission is to provide realistic tools for our customers to ensure a healthy lifestyle free of fat. Dr. Nazarian and his team have proven success time and time again, paying special attention to the needs and specialized goals of our patients. Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles provides patients with some of the most cutting edge technology, staying on top of the newest releases and investigating new methods of treatment that actually work fast and effectively!

We work hard inside the laboratory and outside to research the best supplements, weight loss programs and nutritional services for men and women.