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Medical Weight Loss

Our Beverly Hills Weight Loss Program is designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively. We utilize a comprehensive approach to weight loss that addresses every aspect that affects weight gain and losing weight. We believe in a weight loss approach that makes weight loss easy and sustainable.

Our medical weight loss program utilizes the most advanced technology and tests to evaluate your weight and metabolism to diagnose specific reasons for difficulty in losing weight. We provide a variety of treatments to boost your own metabolism to easily burn fat. Our certified nutritionist will create customized weight loss menus to help you shed your unwanted weight.

Our weight loss physicians will perform a complete evaluation of your medical history and medications that you may be taking and identify factors that need optimization in order to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. They will also perform a comprehensive laboratory workup to examine your thyroid levels, hormones, blood sugars, vitamin deficiencies and more. Our treatment for weight loss includes customized weight loss menus, weight loss products and supplements, weight loss medications and injections, lifestyle management, exercise and fitness regimens and more.

Weight Loss Doctor

Our weight loss doctor will oversee your medical weight loss and ensure that it is performed safely. Your medical weight loss program and doctor may request to have your blood work reviewed at certain periods as well as an electrocardiogram of your heart. Your vitamin administration, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, rate of weight loss, nutrition, energy and progress will be monitored as well.   

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