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Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Advanced Diagnostics Testing

At Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles, we have the most advanced diagnostic testing to give you unambiguous results. We do advanced blood testing to examine vitamin nutritional deficiency, hormone levels, iron deficiencies, etc.

Body Composition Scanning

Body composition scanning gives you an absolute analysis to collaborate with both patient and doctor in making positive resolutions in modern healthcare. A body composition scanner will compute the mass of muscle, bone and fat in your body. At our office, we have the GE Lunar iDXA, which is used comprehensively on NBC’s popular show called, “The Biggest Loser.” It gives you the most precise body composition analysis at hand, today. This is important because it gives you and your doctor access on the progression you have made with your workouts and it gives you accurate results as to where muscle is forming. It also tells you where fat is being lost.

The body composition scanner calculates the losses and gains the patient has in muscle and fat, which provides an evaluation for weight loss management programs. It also produces a tracking system is exceptionally accommodating in allowing us to design the perfect nutritional programs particularly for our patients and their needs.

Laboratory Blood Work

Laboratory blood work is a laboratory technique where blood is withdrawn from one of the patients major veins. Laboratory blood work can establish a patients biochemical and physiological condition, check organ functions and helps in the method of treatment. Blood testing is usually performed during a patients annual physical or when your doctor suspects an infection or illness. A blood test will help with detection of any problems the patient may have.

Things That Can Be Diagnosed From a Blood Test are:
Immune Function
Health of the Bodies Organs
Hormone Deficiencies
Prostate Status
Vitamin Deficiencies

VO2 Max Testing

Here at Weight Loss Clinic Los Angeles, our doctors are passionate about our patients’ healthcare and their exercise plans. At our clinic, we offer VO2 max testing. VO2 max testing can help us gauge our patients overall fitness, cardiac health and lung function. VO2 max exercise testing can also give us information on our patients fitness level, endurance, patients body and t can serve as a guide for an advanced exercise programs.

When using the VO2 max our patients will be attached to a mask and will be on the treadmill at a slow pace. With one minute intervals, the pace of the treadmill will intensify until the patient has hit their maximum capacity. During all this time, the total amount of oxygen utilized and carbon dioxide used is measure along with the patients heart rate.

The test usually takes about one hour to complete then we go over the results with our patient as protocol.